My name is Saskia Kaya, I am a yoga and meditation instructor, translator, and writer from New York, currently based in Fethiye, Turkey.

I am available for group and private yoga and meditation classes as well as for freelance writing and translation projects.

Join me in my online studio!

Group and private classes on Zoom.

My Credentials

  • MA in International Education from New York University
  • BA in Communications & Spanish Language/Literature from Syracuse University
  • Translation skills and experience from Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish to US English
  • 15+ years in the field of cross-cultural exchange and education
  • Study abroad program design, student recruitment, and global curriculum development
  • Content writing, content management, and editing for a variety of clients in different fields
  • Translator of e-books, social media content, and websites
  • Experienced study abroad student group leader in South America, Asia, and the USA
  • Leader of women’s circles involving empowerment exercises, guided meditations, and supported sharing
  • Creative writing mentor for undocumented children and teens in Bushwick, Brooklyn
  • 200-hr certified yoga instructor
  • Extensive continuing education under the guidance of specialists in the field of trauma, somatics, embodiment, yoga, and mindfulness

What People Say

I have been doing thrice weekly yoga classes with Saskia for a year and cannot praise her too highly.  I am 72 years old and only started doing yoga just over four years ago – a late starter. Last year, I found Saskia’s classes and it felt like coming home. Through lockdown and other complications arising from coronavirus, classes have somehow continued: online and/or outdoors. This has necessitated big changes for Saskia in the way she teaches, not to mention grappling with the organizational complexities. Through it all she has continued to deliver well-planned classes with patience and humour, no mean feat. Try one of Saskia’s online classes and see for yourself. And please donate so that she can continue her wonderful work.

Patricia T. – UK

I started yoga with Saskia 2 years ago. It the best thing I have done for myself in years. I find her teaching method easy to pick up and at the same time it’s great that each class has a challenge. I always feel fantastic after class. I also really enjoyed her Intro to Ayurveda workshop. I learned so much about my own body and how to live a healthy and enjoyable life using the tools and information she delivered and made easy to understand. I look forward to putting this into practice, thank you so much!

Tricia K. – UK

Saskia and women’s empowerment are synonymous. Through the online classes and in person, I have felt a part of a community and accepted for being who I am. The women’s circle discussions went deep in lockdown. We were able to share our fears, confusion, hope, and also witness the positive changes emerging around the world. The online yoga and meditation classes helped me move the energy through my body and release the emotions I was holding within…there is something sacred about being in my own private space, while also being connected to others around the globe. I don’t know how I would have survived these times without being a part of this community. So much gratitude

Sarah L. – USA

Saskia’s heartfelt yoga and meditation groups got me through the difficult days of quarantine, and continue to provide a much-needed connection to my own self and to a lovely group I’ve grown to know online. These classes provide an anchor to my days during these very uncertain times. Thank you Saskia!

Stephanie T. – USA

I enjoy Saskia’s yoga classes very much. She has such a caring and gentle way. I feel I can put my trust in her teachings, and my knees feel so much better from doing her classes since my operation. Thank you!

Trudie S. – UK

I really enjoy Saskia’s yoga classes. Each week they are different which keeps me interested in what is coming next. I like to be challenged and Saskia does this but also gives easier versions of each pose. I feel I will become stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed. I also really enjoyed her Ayurveda workshop. So much information to absorb but very interesting. I learned many things about the doshas which affect us all but each one individually throughout the differing months of the year. Foods and drinks and recipes to try. Well worth it.

Trish M. – UK

Yoga with Saskia is like a massage for your soul. Our one-on-one online sessions leave me feeling grounded for the rest of the week. Her way of teaching is both calming and encouraging, it feels like a big hug. I’m officially addicted!

Bianca H. – Australia

I joined yoga classes with Saskia just over a year ago now as a beginner. She is very experienced and an excellent teacher, her classes are very structured and fun to take suitable for beginners and intermediate alike. I do feel challenged but never pushed too far, she is always mindful of our individual capabilities, paying attention to people who are less flexible or have joint problems offering alternative positions for us to take, and will always correct us when necessary. After each session I feel very relaxed and have a great sense of achievement.

Marion J. – UK